Step 3: Create Value

Welcome to Step Three of Career Hackers, where we guide you toward unlocking your true potential.

This crucial stage is all about embracing the power of creating value.

By focusing on activities that drive meaningful impact, you’ll skyrocket your career prospects and effortlessly set yourself apart from the competition.

At Career Hackers, we believe in breaking free from conventional norms. So, create value and ignite a new path for yourself.

Top Tools To Help You Create Value

Our courses and tools, sourced from top-rated providers, are designed to create real value in your career journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, our curated selection of courses will equip you with the skills you need to conquer the job market. 


We get it: sometimes you have to create a resume. With ZipJob, you can have experts help show the value you’ve created. If you can’t pitch it, you should work with experts.

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Udacity offers tons of courses for tech-related fields, like Data Science, AI, Programming, and more. Start building that portfolio!


Skillshare offers thousands of courses in a variety of creative subjects so you can build your skills and show them without a resume.

Tips and Tricks To Hacking Your Career
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Are you looking for a new career?

With DesignLab’s UX Academy, you could be applying for your first role as a UX/UI designer in as little as 6-8 months.

Sometimes you can't just burn your resume...

And for those times when you just can’t, you have to show the value you create. A cover letter is a great place to do that. 

The first step to creating value is to create.

In this powerful read from Steven Pressfield, he details how to be the best creator and make it a habit.