Do the job before you have the job – that’s how to create value.

Because if you’re on the job hunt, you’re going to put in effort. So why not channel that effort to get results?

Instead of clicking “apply” on hundreds of generic job postings, find a specific role at a specific company that you specifically love.

Then, figure out how to create value, create a project, and send it with a Crash pitch!

Here are four examples, specific to role types.

1) A sample script for customer success roles

Customer success roles takes empathy. Maybe you know you have that (you love helping your friends sort out life problems). But how do you prove it to an employer?

Create a script! And it doesn’t need to be long.

In a Google Doc, write out mock dialogue exchanges between you and a customer at that company you want to work for. Pick a scenario (problem customer may have) based on that product or service. It could be a mock phone call or mock live chat. Show how you’d handle it with grace!

Bonus Tip: Create a mock dialogue on video instead, where your friend is a customer calling in.

2) Create value with a lead list for sales roles

If you’re breaking into sales jobs, then proving you can do the grunt work is big. So create a lead list!

Open a Google Sheet, then make columns for company, industry, contact, and email address. Think about the target market for the company you want to pitch (find case studies on their website to get a feel). If it’s a B2B product, find similar companies using Owler or for competitors who could be leads.

Finally, hop on LinkedIn and find those potential companies, and click “People.” Find a possible decision maker. Then go to to find their email address! You can also verify here.

Bonus Tip: Your list doesn’t need to be perfect. The very act of working this way gets you a major score for your pitch!

3) A new feature or bug fix for software engineering roles

Fun fact: Corné pitched a company to create his role!

As an emerging developer, he built a new social proof feature that he thought would be valuable to the platform. He did the job before he had the job.

So if you’re breaking into software engineering, think, “how could I improve the software tool for Company X?” Then test it out! Worst case scenario: you learn by doing. ; )

Bonus: Up your code game with sites like Codecademy, freeCodeCamp, Codewars, and GA Dash.

4) New creative or screens for design roles

Let’s say you love a company and you love design. Boom! You’re cooking. Now, what value can you create for them? Here’s a hint: just about every tech company appreciates good design.

So go design something for them! For example, hop on Figma to mock up a new user flow experience for their website. Think about ways to reduce friction and clean visual ease. Then, send it to the CEO (or another hiring manager). With this project, you can also showcase writing/copy skills.

Bonus Tip: Do a daily design challenge to build your portfolio, too!

Start creating projects that prove your ability to create value for specific companies.

Doing projects before you get the job is the fastest way to get the job. Even IF you don’t win that exact role, you’ll still reap benefits:

1. Creating projects builds your capacity to create projects in the future. You’ll build the creative habit.

2. You’ll learn your craft by doing.

3. You can attract other companies by adding these projects to your portfolio.

Time is ticking… start making!