Career Hacking

is about the relentless pursuit of discovering and doing what makes you come alive

If you’re a career hacker, you know no one is going to hand you opportunities on a silver platter.

You know that keeping your head down and following the rules won’t result in an awesome life and career.

You know great careers aren’t found, they’re forged.

Career hacking is the relentless pursuit of discovering and doing what makes you come alive – and knowing you’ll have to get creative along the way.

Career Hackers is here to help you go your own way – without going it alone. 

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A revolution is built on great values. 

Career Hackers is a movement to empower you to find your true calling, navigate your professional journey, and make a meaningful impact in the world.

The Career Hackers manifesto is a testament. to the unwavering commitment to these values and principles. 

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