Step 16: If in Doubt, Send it Out

In Step Sixteen, we encourage you to embrace action over hesitation.

When faced with uncertainty, don’t let doubt paralyze you. Instead, take the initiative and send out your ideas, projects, or proposals. Career Hackers believes that taking action, even in the face of uncertainty, can lead to unexpected opportunities and growth.

Don’t wait for perfect certainty; send it out and see where it leads.

Top Tools To Help You Take Action

Are you ready to end all hesitation?

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With you can find personalized tools and resources for career management. They make sending it out easier on the job hunt!


Want to explore AI but have doubts about where to start? With DataCamp’s free ChatGPT course, you can dive in for free! No doubts necessary. 


Ideally, you wouldn’t need your resume to show your worth. But sometimes you might. If you’re having doubts about your resume, ZipJob is a great resource to help.

Tips and Tricks To Hacking Your Career
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