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Mindsets for Success


If you change the angle of your golf swing by 1 degree, you’re going to change the trajectory of that golf ball.

How can that apply to your daily habits?

Make small changes now, for big results over time

Back on Track

Have you messed up this week? Got punched in the face by life?

It happens.

Now, get back up. You always have a new chance to turn it around.

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Meme of the Week

The Best Form of Financial Security

With the economy and inflation showing uncertainty, many people are thinking about their future, their financial security.

People understandably want to keep themselves and their family safe and secure.

The question becomes, when it comes to your job and career, what’t the best way to do that?

Is it to keep your head down, dutifully complete your tasks, and avoid making a ruckus?

Is it to just get the next job available? Anything you can find?

Maybe….. But maybe it’s the opposite.

Maybe it’s perfect time to invest in yourself, go all out, think abundantly, gain skills, and shoot for the moon.

Perhaps the best way to ensure your future is secure, is it level up your mindset.

Create massive value, become an artist that goes above and beyond, and get excited to solve problems, left and right, at a company you’re excited about.

Maybe it’s time to become a Linchpin, an indispensable value creator.

That’s a rarity in today’s world, but needed more than ever.

If you embody the mindset of permission-less value creation, you will have the ability to “Wow” companies, even in the hardest economic times.

So rather than letting scarcity and fear inform your actions right now, choose to take charge.

Choose curiosity, creativity and empowerment.

Come alive. You were designed for it.

and the DJH team.