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Mindsets for Success


End the Permission-Based Mindset

There’s a difference between offering value and giving value.

Offering value is, “would you like me to design you a new logo?”
Giving value is, “I made you a new logo.”

Offering value is, “would you like me to make an email intro for you?”
Giving value is just making the intro.

I now give you permission to stop asking for permission.

Invest in Relationships

Think about your daily actions and activities as investments. What value can you create today that will bring you ROI down the line? Keep planting seeds and you will ever-reap the harvest.

This is especially true with relationships (professional and personal). How can you give value (without expectation)?

(If you’re not sure how to start creating value, just be curious and ask interesting questions to learn about people’s stories).

Quote of the Week

“Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating, you are planning… What are you planning?”
— Abraham Hicks

Quitting vs. Looking Ahead

If you dislike your job, find a way to quit. Make an exit plan.

We refer to this as Don’t Do Stuff You Hate (DDSYH).

In this philosophy, rather than trying to figure out your passion or desire, if you just focus on clearing out the “career clutter” and removing that which gets in the way, you are moving in roughly the right direction.

The DDSYH approach takes off the pressure to know exactly what your next job will be.

As long as you land something you don’t hate, you are making progress.

Good stuff. But, there’s another philosophy that seems to contradict the DDSYH one.

This other one says, “don’t run away from something unless you know where you are headed.”

Let’s call this the Know What You Want philosophy (KWYW).

Focus on exactly what you WANT, and concentrate on achieving it.

Get super clear on your goals, and then take the action steps with that newfound clarity.

The more vivid you know what you want, the better chance you will achieve it.

So which is it, DDSYH, or KWYW?

Well, the answer is up to you. ; )

And, the answer could be that both are true.

It depends on how you look at it.

Just like this picture is BOTH a duck and a bunny. ; )

Duck or rabbit? 100-year-old optical illusion could tell you how creative you are | The Independent

So, the real takeaway today is to think for yourself.

The real takeaway is to listen to advice, and see HOW it might apply to your situation, and in WHAT WAY that advice is true.

The invitation is to be flexible in your thinking.

THAT will be a superpower when it comes to your next big career move.

and the DJH Team

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