How to Build Social Capital

Social capital means doing little and big things like:

Do favors for people
Ask people interesting questions
Be reliable
Be honest and trustworthy
Listen and be present for people
Offer empathy
Send a handwritten thank you note
Write a blog post about why you love a company
Share or comment on a post on LinkedIn
Do a project for a company
Call someone rather than text
Offer to buy lunch
Send a weekly update to your supervisor/team
Be fun to be around

How to Stand Out for a Customer Success Role in 2023

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Missing from your job description

Going above and beyond at work is an option you have to not only create tons of value, but to feel more fulfilled.

Read more from Seth Godin in Missing from your job description.

“Here are some of the checklist items that might have been omitted:

  • Add energy to every conversation
  • Ask why
  • Find obsolete things on your task list and remove them
  • Treat customers better than they expect
  • Offer to help co-workers before they ask….”

Quote of the Day

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.”
— Zig Ziglar

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