Recapping this week’s DJH

Mindsets for Success

Stepping Stones

You can do what makes you come alive right now. You don’t need to wait to live out your dreams.

But it’s also ok to pace yourself.

What are some stepping stones that could move you in the right direction?

Foot in the Door

Be willing to do the grunt work now, so that later you can do the fulfilling work.

Be willing to work for lower pay now, so that later you can make bank.

Break into that company or career by showing how much character you have, knowing you are giving a gift to your future self.

This doesn’t mean self-sacrificing or even delayed gratification necessarily. Quite the opposite. Delight and serve others at 110% now so that you’ll build a reputation that will pay you dividends of social capital, career capital, and financial capital.

This is how you build a future.

Quote of the Week

“Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.”

— Ralph Emerson

Get Back Up

Who ever said you have the right to give up?

You’re tired?
Yes, that’s okay.
Now what’s your next step?

You hate your job?
I hear you.
Now what’s your next step?

Your financial habits are not ideal?
Own your feelings.
Now what’s your next step?

Take both radical self-acceptance and responsibility.

Never give up.

and the DJH Team

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