Uh-oh, people might get mad at the suggestion of free work.

“That’s exploitation!”
“I demand worker’s rights!”

But free work is not exploitation.

It’s in your self-interest, if you choose to see it that way.

Would you buy a $50,000 product without ever testing it out?

Probably not.

Well, getting a job is like selling a $50,000 product: you.

Think about it.

What if you just started doing the job before you had the job. No permission needed.

“Hey Company X, I made this landing page for you.”
“Hey Company Z, here’s a new logo. Happy to do more for you!”
“Hey Acme Inc., I’d love to prove my value to you by working for 7 days for free.”

If you did that, would you not blow them away? Would you not build massive social capital? Would you not feel totally empowered? Would you not build skills and learn along the way?

Do it.  

Watch this 10 minute rant to get hyped.

Charlie Hoehn pitched Tim Ferriss

One of the best examples of successful free work is from Charlie Hoehn. He was fresh out of college, sending out lots of resumes, but nothing would stick.

Then he flipped the frame.

He realized that if he could create a specific value proposition – and think from the other party’s perspective – he might get results!

It worked!

Hear the whole story in this podcast: