Your Wants Matter

Growing up we’re basically told,

“Look kid, life isn’t about you, your needs, your wants, or desires. Life is about other people’s needs, wants, and desires. Just go along. You don’t matter too much.”

Tragic stuff. Sadly, any implicit message like this from adults is just a projection of their OWN childhood experience.

Let’s break the cycle, shall we?

Tune into your inner child and connect to his/her curiosities, interest, needs, desires. Start to treat that little boy or girl with love and kindness and trust and respect.

Celebrate your inner child.

When you turn inward like this, you begin to live a life and forge a career that makes YOU come alive.

For when you come alive, you not only become happier and freer, you inspire others to become the same.

Now that would be a whole new world.

Let’s start the revolution.

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“You have to find people who are willing to pay for what you can do and convince them to buy it. You have to sell. And you have to sell better than any of the other people standing in line behind you shouting that they can do the same thing better, faster or cheaper than you can.”

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Quote of the Day

“If you can remember why you started, then you will know why you must continue.”— Chris Burkmenn

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