In writing, the goal of a sentence is just to get the reader to read the next sentence—that’s all!

Your video pitch has the same goal.

The goal is just to get the person watching it to want to know more about you. That’s it.

You don’t have to convey everything about yourself. You just have to give them something that makes them say, “Ooh, I want to interview this person. I want to know more.” If you want to get an interview, entice them.

3 tips from the video above


This is probably the most important of all. Especially when you start the video. It’ll put you at ease, and the person watching your video will be more at ease.

Be yourself.

The goal is not to get someone to interview you because they think you’re different than you actually are. That’s not a win for anybody. You want to find a company that is interested in you as you actually will be as a worker, as a good fit for the company.

Write out bullet points.

For the content of your video, make a few bullet points to keep yourself on pace instead of writing out a full script. Memorize them or keep them in front of you so you know the points you want to hit. You really want to look at the camera and connect with the person on the other end of the pitch.

Cover these three things with your bullet points.

In terms of your bullet points, I break it down into three things you want to do in your video that tend to make it really effective.

First is to tell them you love them. Tell them why you like their company.

“Hey, Acme Incorporated. I’ve been following you for the last few months. I love what you do. I’m very excited about the prospect of helping you help your customers in this way (or whatever it might be).”

Show genuine interest in the company! That’s the main thing to get across right away.

Second, after you let them know you love the company, let them know what you bring to the table.

“I’m somebody who’s got a really outgoing personality. I love talking with people. And I’ve built my customer success skills by working at a restaurant.”

Let them know who you are and what you’ll bring to their company in terms of hard skills, soft skills, ability, interests—whatever you think is relevant.

Third, let them know why you will excel in that particular role. You love the company in general—awesome! Here’s what you bring to the table in terms of skills. Great.

And then here’s how those will translate into that specific role you’re interested in.

So, something like this tends to be most effective for your pitch video:

“Hey, Acme, I love what you do. It’s amazing that you’re selling these great shoes that help people everywhere with their posture. I have a lot of experience working with customers in the past doing sales. I love people, and I love helping them improve their posture. I even spent time interning at a chiropractor’s office. That’s why I think I would crush your SDR role, digging up leads for new people to go and sell your shoes to.”

Those 3 points are all you really need to do to make a great pitch and get an interview.


Be yourself.

Make bullets instead of a script so you can connect better with the person watching.

And then hit those points in about a minute—why you love the company, what you’ll bring to the table, and why that means you’re a great fit for the role.

Keep it simple and short!

There’s no rules though. Here’s an example of a terrific one where Shannon pitched us! It’s a little longer but it still blew us away.

But you could also have extra fun, like this one ; )