The post-pandemic world is increasingly moving towards greater integration and globalization. As work becomes more and more collaborative and online, remote jobs are becoming the new standard.

Having observed this industry for the past year and worked in various remote environments, I have learned a little bit about how to navigate this new and highly rewarding job market. I’m about to start a second round of my own job hunt, and have decided to create a resource that will help job seekers find the right opportunities a little faster.

In this article, I have prepared a small curated list of online resources that you can use to find your next remote job. My article includes job listings (where multiple companies post their openings simultaneously), as well as remote companies(which are frequently hiring). The resources I mention hire people from Sales, Marketing, Operations, Customer Success, Design, and Development; Among others. Finding the right job is half the journey to getting the right job, and knowing where to look is half the victory. Let’s get started:

Job Listings

These are websites whose entire purpose is to help you find your next remote job. There are quite a few of these if you are looking for them, but I have curated in this article the 4 which I find the best:

We Work Remotely

Probably the most popular site for remote work-aholics (yes I did make that term up). We work remotely offers listings from all around the world in design, programming, product, finance, sales/marketing, management, and more. This might be the ideal place for you to start your job hunt. Pay attention to the opportunities highlighted with a golden background. These are wwr verified and have a higher chance of being an opportunity you might be excited about.

Check out weworkremotely here! has listings from a wide variety of fields, including some specialized ones (For example: Teaching, Healthcare, Legal, Accounting). For people just starting out remote work, also has a variety of resources: Faqs, Articles, online courses as well as paid career coaching. If you’ve never applied to remote jobs before, you may want to start there.

Check out here!


This one’s especially for the programmers and developers. Remoteok lists jobs for engineers, front and back end developers, as well as javascript wizards. Most opportunities listed on remoteok have an expected pay offer listed upfront, so there can be very little confusion about the role while applying

Check out remoteok here!

Dynamite Jobs

Dynamite jobs have a job platform in addition to the job listing, so you can become a member and get personalized recommendations for jobs that might be suitable for you (You also need to be a member to apply to jobs directly from Dynamite Jobs). Much like Remoteok, a lot of the jobs listed in the community have expected payments highlighted upfront. Dynamite Jobs is more generalized, however, and has listings from a wide variety of industries whereas remoteok is specialized in the development/programming skillset.

Check out Dynamite Jobs here!

Remote Companies

These are companies whose teams ( or at least a big part of it) work completely remotely. I have used this article only to list companies that are sufficiently large and maybe looking for some opportunities all the time. I have not included smaller companies or very new startups. The best advice, however, is to target a mix of both in order to find the perfect opportunity for yourself. That being said, here are some of the best remote work teams on the internet:


The software integration company makes a fantastic product, and has a team that is completely remote.

Check out Zapier here!


The people behind a number of important web companies, most popularly and tumble. Automattic has employees from over 96 countries

Check out Automattic here!


The most “start-up” of the companies in this list. Opportunities are rare, and Toggl applicants typically go through a pretty strenuous and thorough selection process. However, the company offers highly competitive benefits and compensation packages.

Check out Toggle here!

Bonus Resources

If you’re looking for additional opportunities, this article has a list of some of the most popular fully remote working teams on the internet.

Additionally, if you’re just beginning your working career, and would like to upskill yourself before you find your first opportunity, check out Praxis!

I’ll begin the second round of my own job hunt shortly, hopefully, this resource can help you whenever you begin yours.

See you soon (;