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Start a Website Week

It’s Start a Website Week! Will you join the challenge? Commit here.

What to put on your website? It’s up to you. Some ideas:

  • About Page, or Now page (see Derek Sivers)
  • Blog
  • Books you’ve read
  • Portfolio
  • Contact

Or whatever!

It doesn’t need to be perfect or finished yet.

Just get the first version out there.

You can start for free with (Aaron’s 6 minute video can help).

Examples of Websites

Glean some inspo, then start your website.

Start Start Start it baby!

Why Blog?

If you’re Starting-A-Blog-Hesitant, then you need this post from the great Chuck Grimmett, Why Blog?

“Blogging has more of an impact on careers than most people realize…. Blogging got me three of my four full time jobs post college. All three told me that my blog played a crucial role in their decision to send me an offer.”

Quote of the Day

“Even if nobody reads them, you should write [blog posts]. It’s become pretty clear to me that blogging is a source of both innovation and clarity.”

— Steve Yegge