We’ve all been there – being tired of feeling unfulfilled and unhappy in career.

Dreading going to work every day and feeling like you’re stuck in a job you hate.

I know, you can relate to this, and that’s why, I strongly recommend you to read Isaac Morehouse and Mitchell Earl’s book, “Don’t Do Stuff You Hate”

It’s a revolutionary guide to living a fulfilling life. The best way to a life you love is simple: don’t do stuff you hate.

It’s a short read, an ultimate guide that provides practical advice on how to find and pursue fulfilling career paths.

Isaac and Mitchell share articles on how the traditional approach to career planning is flawed. Instead of following the well-worn path of finding a job that pays well but leaves you feeling unfulfilled, they encourage you to take control of your life and pursue work that aligns with your passions and values.

Through a series of personal anecdotes and practical advice, Isaac & Mitchell guide you through the process of discovering your passions, identifying your strengths, and finding work that allows you to use both.

They encourage you to embrace uncertainty, take risks, and experiment with different career paths until you find one that feels right.

The authors highlight that many people fall into the trap of doing work they hate because they are either unaware of their true passions or have been conditioned to pursue traditional career paths that do not align with their interests. They further provide you with insights and exercises to help you discover your passions and develop strategies to turn them into career opportunities.

Isaac’s approach is refreshing and empowering. Instead of waiting for someone else to tell you what you should be doing with your life, he encourages you to take ownership of your career and pursue work that brings you joy and meaning.

“Don’t Do Stuff You Hate” is a must-read for anyone who feels stuck in their career or is looking to make a change. It’s a reminder that life is too short to spend it doing work that doesn’t make you happy, and that true fulfilment comes from doing what you love. So, take a chance, follow your passions, and don’t do stuff you hate.

A powerful paragraph from the book:

“When you commit to not doing stuff you hate, you are making a profound statement about your relationship to life. You are saying that you value your time and energy and will only spend it on things that matter to you. You are taking responsibility for your own happiness and well-being, rather than expecting someone else to provide it for you. You are asserting your right to live a life of your own choosing, rather than being pulled in a million different directions by the expectations of others. When you stop doing stuff you hate, you start creating a life that is truly your own, and that is the most powerful thing you can do.”