Product Hunt is one of those gold mines of the world wide web.

Fold it in to your daily routine and you might just increase your luck surface area and open yourself to awesome opportunities.

Let’s find out how.

Find Products and Companies On Product Hunt

First of all, it’s fun and novel. New products are launched every day! That alone is why it’s relevant to your career growth. Why not hop on Product Hunt and see what companies excite you most?

See the top upcoming products.
See product collections, curated by the PH community.
See trending products.

Once you’ve chosen few companies, then go pitch them, even if they’re not hiring! Create value up front by sending a video about why you love the company and how you could create value for them, via a value proposition.

Network on Product Hunt

Not only can you see cool products, you can see who made them! Each product page the maker introduces himself/herself.

Well…that’s an opportunity to connect! You could start by building social capital, e.g. DMing the maker on LinkedIn, telling them why you love their product, or writing a blog post about why their product is awesome. Or, ask them to give you advice on how to launch and grow your career (people love to share their advice).

And in the Product Hunt Community, there are always plenty of discussions going on, or product professionals intro themselves. Get involved!

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Find Cool Jobs on Product Hunt

Last but not least, the Product Hunt job board can catapult you to your dream job.

So many job boards are generic – but the PH board is dialed in to roles at exciting, often fast-growing companies that are making a dent.

But remember, don’t stop at job boards. Create something compelling so you can stand out from the crowd. Since companies in the PH network are inherently creative and forward-thinking, they’ll be more than happy to receive a create job application, too.