Senior Admissions Representative Michael Krashes has gone through thousands of applications for potential new students of the Flatiron School coding bootcamp.

The biggest mistake he sees?

“They are too brief.” Meaning, many people are too timid, will undersell their past, and don’t share their story or their passion for code!

“They think it won’t matter, as in ‘oh, I’m a bartender….and that’s nothing to do with software engineering.’ No, tell me that story! I want to hear about that! If you’re a great bartender tell me how, tell me why, tell me what is it about it that you love, because I want to see you bring that to the coding space as well.”

Michael isn’t looking for a particular background. He is looking for an attraction, an affinity, a passion to learn to code. Students also have to interview and pass an admissions assessment to make sure they are prepared academically for the rigors of the program.

That’s about it.

If you can share that desire, you can join the top-rated Flatiron School to launch or relaunch your career.

With Flatiron School, you can learn an in-demand skill like coding in as little as 15 weeks. Apply today to get started.

Testing Out (and diving deep)

The thing is, you may not be ready to commit right away to a full career change into coding. You might want to dip your toes in first. That makes sense!

“Doing a program like ours is a deep dive,” says Michael. “You’re really going to become a full-stack software engineer. So, I use this analogy: doing a program like ours is like running a marathon. Before you commit to a marathon, you might want to go out and try running!”

That may mean trying some free coding lessons and see if you like it. Flatiron offers free lessons that can give you just that.

Then, if that catches your fancy, makes you excited or even feel alive, that’s maybe a sign to go all in with a deep dive!

Once you enroll in Flatiron, you’ll start with 50-60 hours of prep work in HTML and Javascript fundamentals, so on Day 1 of the course, you are primed and ready to hit the ground running and learn effectively.

With Flatiron School, you can learn an in-demand skill like coding in as little as 15 weeks. Apply today to get started.

The Power of a Career Coach

We always say that what employers want is two things:

The ability to create value.
The ability to prove your value.

With Flatiron, you will certainly gain relevant code training (ability to create value), but that’s only half the equation to land a job.

Job hunting is a skill too! You need to learn to prove your value. And you don’t want to go at it alone!

Fortunately — as Michael says — “we are not truly done with any student until they are fielding job offers.”

You’ll have that dedicated career coach who will meet with you on the reg. You can feel supported and empowered to navigate the hunt, as you try to cut through the noise and connect to companies, send job apps and pitches, build your portfolio, prep for interviews, and more.

“We also have an employer partnerships team,” says Michael. “Their whole focus is to constantly be reaching out to companies who might hire Flatiron grads. We have partners from smaller startups to Fortune 500 companies.”

Don’t underestimate the power of a career coach. Value yourself and your growth! Think about other domains. All the great golfers, boxers, and tennis players have coaches. As do most business executives and entrepreneurs. You are just as worthy as them! Invest in yourself and bring on a team to support you in your job hunt and career.

Launch Into Orbit with Flatiron

At the end of the day, you don’t need any special background to launch into a coding career. You just need to make a choice. So whether you have zero coding knowledge, are self-taught, or are somewhere in between, Flatiron School’s Software Engineering course is crafted for anyone.

You’ll learn by doing. Throughout the course, if you’re not building and refining code for apps or websites, you’ll be studying, practicing, or attending lectures to learn different coding languages.

Start learning software engineering in as little as 15 weeks. Apply today to get started.