If you love Apple products, have you ever made something for them or publicly shared what you love about them? You just might stand out and grab their attention.

This sounds weird to most people, but it’s a great habit for two reasons. First, it flips a switch in your brain that makes you more grateful, observant, interesting, and able to spot opportunity. Regularly creating stuff that expresses interest or appreciation for the world around you is magical in this way. You’ll be happier!

Second, it increases your “luck surface” – the number of ways in which good stuff can come your way.

I’ve had various podcasts, and I can see stats to know there are some people who really like listening to them. But they are mostly invisible to me. Every once in a while, a listener might email me a thank you, or Tweet at me about an episode. These stand out. Rarer still, a few times listeners have done things like create a logo image or make a short video clip with highlights from an episode. Those REALLY stand out!

In fact, people who have done those things have made me curious enough to learn more about them, and in both cases, I ended up connecting them with jobs or freelance work.

I’ve seen designers publicly share ideas for company pages. Bigger companies may not always notice, but other people often do. A designer who Tweeted his redesign of Apple Music got offers from several other companies, for example.

When you read a book or use a product or interact with a company in a positive way, try rolling that experience into making something for them and sharing it. If you do this as a habit, you will find yourself with a steady stream of opportunities.

Have fun and create value!