Isaac Morehouse on How to Crash the Job Hunt (10′)

You think you need to blast out hundreds of resumes, but you’re wrong.

What if you went deep, instead of wide?

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address (15′)

Begin with the end in mind. The very end. Remember that you’re going to die.

Then live the life you truly want. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

Simon Sinek – How to Find a Job You Love and Where You Excel (2′)

Find a job that matches you.

TK Coleman – Non-Zero Days (5′)

There’s a secret ingredient successful people know about: do 1 thing a day to make progress.

Get pumped on this idea, from the one and only TK Coleman.

Derek Magill – How to Build a Career and Life You Love (56′)

Derek Magill dropped out of college, started working for free, and built a career from scratch with his own audacity.

Find out how to do the same.

Ken Coleman Show – How To Grow Your Career Through Intentional Connections with Isaac Morehouse (42′)

Curiosity and value creation breeds a robust and organic professional network.

Learn how Isaac grew his.

Tell Me Your Story Not Your Status (3′)

In an interview, a pitch, or just meeting someone new, it’s invaluable to engage in the power of storytelling.

Can you share a narrative, or will you just name your titles and accolades?

The New Way to Work: Charlie Hoehn (17′)

This man put the brakes on resume-sending, and created a new, effective way to land opportunities.

Ira Glass – The Gap (2′)

To build skill and mastery, get your reps in and be patient.

David Andriate’s pitch to Morning Brew

Want to know how powerful video pitches can be?

Well, David doubled his income in just one year using video pitches.

Find out how his pitches look!