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Just because you know what to do doesn’t mean you will actually do it.

Whether you’re looking to build your career over the long term or land a job in the short term, following through on the creative act of say, starting a blog, emailing an employee, or shooting a video pitch can bring up anxiety, resistance, hesitation, and procrastination.

Wait, but why?

Well, it takes a little extra effort, sure, but when you create and do something you’re also putting yourself out there.

It’s a vulnerable thing.

Wait, again…. but WHY?

Why is it vulnerable?

Because…. as little kids most of went to formal school where we learned to sit still, follow directions, and blend in with the crowd.

Yeah, we learned the state capitals and shit, but the deeper lessons were the hidden ones, to avoid taking any creative initiate out of fear of pain and punishment.

Sounds harsh, but it’s sort of true. Teachers (unconsciously) conditioned you to conform to a mold.

We learned that being different and standing out from the crowd was not acceptable, even unsafe.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The question becomes, how is your schooling affecting you NOW?

How is your 15,000 hours of schooling affecting your ability to

  • Be creative
  • Stand out on the job hunt
  • Forge a path that is true to YOU
  • Do what makes YOU come alive
  • Ask for a raise
  • Learn new skills on your own
  • Risk failing
  • Act without waiting for permission (in school, you literally learned to raise your hand to go to the toilet)

Because of compulsory schooling,  your neurons and nervous systems were literally wired to avoid failure and conform.

No WONDER the majority of Americans are dissatisfied with their work lives. We are showing up 9-5 as a cog-in-a-wheel-follow-directions-like-a-factory-worker.

Where did we learn to put up with this? Oh yeah, school…

You were NOT designed for that. You were designed for self-driven living, creativity, self-expressions, autonomy, choice, independence, freedom, and self-responsibility.

So what to do?

I want to support you. In particular, I can help you prune the weeds — the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back like you were driving a car with the emergency brake on.

What beliefs you ask?

Ask yourself….do you ever have the sense deep down…. that….

“I’m not enough”
“I can’t do it”
“I’m worthless”
“I don’t matter”

“Work has to be hard”
“It’s not safe to fail”
“What makes me worthy is working a lot”
“I”m lazy”
“There’s not enough time”

“Money is bad/evil”
“I can’t be rich”
“Making money has to be hard”
“I’ll never have enough”

That’s just the iceberg. There are thousands of potential beliefs you might have.

But think about it….if deep down you believe “I don’t matter,” how likely is it that you are going to start that creative project, or ask for that raise?

It’s possible you’ll muscle through, but it’s no wonder you procrastinate and feel anxious.

What if you could just do the thing you want to do, with full freedom and ease?

Want to feel free from all this?

Just suppose… you wake up, get ready, and you jump for action with lightness and freedom.

You start.

You start the book, the blog, the side income project, the video pitch, the financial plan, the

You feel at ease and grounded.

I’m not suggesting your problems go away, or you’ll never have negative feelings of any kind whatsover.

I’m saying you’ll be free of the weight of burden that pulls you down like the sandbags preventing a hot air balloon from taking off.

You won’t really be burdened by Resistance.

You just might be happier, taller, more joyous and generous.

Become Who You Really Are

Look, all those voices in your head, constantly criticizing?

They aren’t the real you.

They are fragmented parts of you trying to keep you safe, but the stories they are telling are outdated from when you were navigating with school and family, and other environments growing up.

Why not get out of your own way?

If you let go of the voices, worries, and anxiety, you can become the REAL YOU.


Are you afraid to invest in yourself?

Feel worried about money? Makes sense.

But what if that worry could be erased, through this belief clearing process?

It can.

Don’t live the rest of your life burdened by the nonsense that was installed into you.

Take control. Invest in yourself.


Is it too good to be true?

No. The belief will be gone forever. “It’s too good to be true” is yet another belief you inheretied from this culture. We can clear that as well.

You will experience major results in the first session. Each session after that will keep accumulating and compounding your growth and freedom.

Can I test this out first?

Yeah! Sign up for a free trial and we can schedule a call.

Is this therapy or something?

Not officially. But it will be an opportunity to connect to the little kid inside of you in a safe way. Emotions could come up, but overall we’ll just have a conversation so you can see things more clearly, 

Do you recommend monthly or weekly?

This process works fast. If you go weekly for 3 months, you will make an enormous, powerful change in your life.

This seems expensive.

I hear you. But honestly, with the results you will get in just 1 month of calls, in my opinion this investment is vastly inexpensive. Seriously, isn’t letting go of “I’m not enough” a worthwhile investment that will give you ROI for the rest of your life? Won’t forever letting go of “making money isn’t for me” vastly increase the potential money you will make in the future?

Will you give me career advice too?

Yes! We can do a split of internal belief work as well as Career Hackers infused coaching on how to take creative action, build projects, land jobs, and so on!

My Experience

Over the past year I’ve practiced this on myself hundreds of times.

I had ambition overall, but I was weighed down underneath. Parts of me felt insecure, worried, vulnerable very often. I would push through to take some creative action, but it could be terrifying to publish a podcast or blog post. Even if I did it, it was painful.

I feel light, free, open, unphased, secure. I show up and start creating It’s not perfect (I continue to find and clear new beliefs), but it’s most definitely a transformation from 2 years ago! I’m so, so grateful.

And I want to share this freedom with you.

What People Say

“It’s amazing how much good work can be done in just 55 minutes. Taking that time was a big game changer for me in turning the corner towards taking action in my career goals. Joel’s great! Highly recommend!”
— Candace

“Joel nailed it – I like how he asked me a series of well-crafted questions that helped me identify some of the roadblocks in my job hunting process.  He even guided me on a quick 20 minute mission to see the fakeness in thinking, “I can’t”.  I would have preferred more time at the start of the call to get into the nuts and bolts of why my current process hasn’t been working, but that would have been all about me venting rather than Joel and I doing useful work.”

The Truth about the Career Hackers Mindset

Look, we have hundreds of posts on Career Hackers, and every day I write new ones, sharing the value creation mindset that gives you the tools to stand out and forge an empowered career without waiting for permission.

But the tools and the “How To” or worthless without shifting the mindset.

And to do that, you don’t just need to learn new mindsets, you need to unlearn old ones.

AKA clear the head trash that was conditioned into you from school.

I invite you to invest in yourself, and send yourself a message that you are serious about taking charge of your life and career.

Work with me 1-1. You won’t regret it.

I care about you. It makes me come alive to help you come alive.