Meet Jim.

Jim is sad and mad.

Because Jim hates his job.

So, he buries his head down and endures it.

He thinks “this is just how it is. I gotta just pay the bills and take care of my family.”

He shows up, then goes home at night and watches TV.

Jim is not a bad guy. He just makes choices.

Now, meet Tim.

Tim is sad and mad, too.

Because he hates his job.

But he thinks, “hmm… this is rotten, what could I do to create a new future for myself? I need to pay the bills and take care of my family, but also show and inspire them to live a fulfilling life. It’s my choice to be happy.”

So Tim carves out time.

At 7am each morning and 7pm each evening, Tim invests 60 minutes of time to build momentum towards a new career.

He knows that his soft skills are transferable, and knows he can go any direction he chooses, if he sets his mind on it.

So during his sessions, Tim starts to learn about a career in software engineering, how valuable that skill is, and that he could earn good money while doing meaningful work, all while working at home.

He starts blogging to document his career change process, and enrolls in Springboard’s Foundations to Core course, (after reading about it in the Daily Job Hunt by Career Hackers). He knows it will take 11 months to complete, but trusts the process and the power of patience and consistent work.

Jim hears about the idea of a career change, but he assumes he’s ‘not qualified,’ and goes back to re-watch Stranger Things 4).

Tim’s Momentum

Tim falls into a rhythm.

He starts learning the basics of HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

He starts feeling encouraged from his Springboard expert web-developer mentor.

He starts getting excited about job opportunities, and feels reassured knowing Springboard offers a job guarantee, and that his trusted career coach can guide him as well.

Tim even starts to hate his normal job, less because he now has hope for his future, as he’s building his lifeboat on the side.

He sees new light.

Tim and Jim Meet

One day, Tim and Jim meet. Because actually, they work at the same corporate company.

Jim says, “this place sucks, I can’t wait to go home and collapse on the couch.”
Tim says, “yeah it does sort of suck, but I can’t wait to go home and build new skills.”

The End.

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