You have a phone addiction. Browsing social media, chatting with friends, watching videos, etc. etc.

You can turn this into a job!

No, I don’t mean getting paid to browse through apps and sites, I mean using your browsing in a targeted way to connect to people, learn about companies, and find and win opportunities.

Every app has communities. There’s an entire corner of Twitter where startup founders, workers, investors, and reporters hang out. There’s a whole world to discover and plug into. There are communities around crypto, sports, homesteading, marketing, travel, data analytics, and everything else under the sun. On every app!

Whatever industry, hobby, type of work, there is a community of people working in it for a living, and they are findable on a platform you can freely access. It takes a little time to penetrate – do some searches, follow some people, follow people that they follow or interact with, chase down the articles or podcasts or videos they share, figure out the “watering holes” they hang out at. Ask questions. Learn. Openly share your own story and curiosity. Create value for people. Slide into DMs if you want to learn more.

Time spent browsing social can turn from mostly consumptive, where you walk away no closer to a cool job or improved life than when you started, or it can be a productive/consumptive mix, where you expand your horizons, notions of what’s possible, network, and luck surface all while poking around to follow your interests.

Make your phone addiction a strength! If you get a little more deliberate with it, you will begin to spot opportunity. When you see it, go after it! Pitch yourself!