Charlie Hoehn graduated from college with impeccable grades, but no one would hire him. His willingness to follow the herd wasn’t helping him stand out from the crowd of recent grads. He was sick of his mom sending him job listings, only to be turned down when he applied.

Do Free Work

Charlie realized he needed a different approach. He decided to do free work.

By doing free work, he created value instead of polishing his resume. In less than a year of this approach, he worked with four New York Times bestselling authors, a Hollywood producer, and several entrepreneurs.

He transitioned to paid work and employers began sending him job offers.

Get Creative, Overcome Obstacles

When we encounter obstacles, it’s easy to get discouraged and give up.

The company you love isn’t hiring. The job listing says you need two years of experience. Do you give up or do you get creative and forge ahead?  

There is usually a way around, over, or under the obstacles in our path.

Signal Value

There are many ways to signal your value. Your resume is a cheap signal.

Build a better signal. Do free work. Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your personality by sending a pitch.

Get ideas for overcoming obstacles in your job hunt – check out The Career Hackers Manifesto.

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