The importance of having the right tools can be summed up in a sentence that labor cannot commence on a construction site without the right tools available at a worker’s disposal.

Using the correct tools makes the job easier and your work environment more efficient and productive.

New technology has afforded job seekers infinitely more potential to optimize their searches, gain skills, manage their work, and find the perfect jobs.

So, here are my top tool recommendations to make your work life better.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking website and it can truly be your most valuable online tool if used correctly.

Build new connections in your industry and stay in touch with colleagues, past, and present.

If you treat LinkedIn as your last stop in your job search journey, spending a little more time on the site to get comfortable with the ins and outs can be worth it.


The employment market is a scary place to be right now as a job seeker—but a personal/professional website can set you apart. Your personal brand is your space – fully in your control. It’s a missed opportunity to not take advantage of it!

It gives you the creative freedom to express your personality in ways that are not possible through your resume.

Bluehost is the best place to host your website, starting at just a few bucks a month.

Get going with Bluehost now!


With more people and more companies going online every other day, it can be a bit hassle to communicate your ideas better. And that’s where Loom comes into play.

Whether you want to document your project or reduce a meeting explaining your ideas, Loom comes in very handy making the task fun and easy.

Plus, you can use its secret advantage and create a video pitch using loom, and send it in place of a resume.
More on that in this article.  

Use loom to your advantage, especially early in your career.


The more knowledge you gain, the smarter you get.

And fortunately, in today’s day and age, you don’t have to sign up for a full-fledged college degree in order to flex your cognitive muscles.

If you want to learn a new skill in a self-paced, self-guided setting while having fun and still keeping it affordable, then Skillshare is the answer. Their courses are among some of the best ones.

Sign up for Skillshare if you haven’t already! Find and verify emails

From finding email addresses for employees and hiring managers to helping you optimize your outreach efforts, can do it all.

Their domain search, email verifier, and email finder tools help you crawl for addresses, and their leads and campaign features are a great aid for your link-building or cold emailing needs.

On top of being a great tool for sales, it’s an even better one for your job hunt.
Find the emails of Hiring Managers and get straight into their inboxes!

Try now!


The digital world is a new world. It’s super easy to let it get messy. Keeping everything organized is essential.

Thankfully, you can use tools like Evernote for that.
Not just organization, but note-taking is easy and exceptionally accessible.

Capture your treasure of ideas, organize them and search for them whenever you need, on your mobile/laptop/tablet.

Build your second brain using Evernote!

Teal Job Search Tracker

Having a system to organize and keep track of jobs and internships that you have applied for is important, amidst the hustle and bustle of job search.

Teal Job search got your back! It keeps track of all your job applications and manages your job search all in one place.

Give Teal a try!


Many get their interviews after 3-4 follow-ups. And many just let the opportunity pass-by by sending only one email.

The golden rule is to follow up thrice, at intervals of 3-business days.
But that’s a task itself to monitor your email followups.

Enter, a timed email reminder system that gives you the ability to create reminders via email through formatted email addresses so that you never miss an opportunity.

With these tools by your side, making your work productive and efficient will just be within your reach. What tools are your favorites to stay on top of your work? Did we miss anything note-worthy? Let us know by filling out this quick form.