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Career Hackers

Well, not to toot our own horn, but....

The Career Hackers Slack is the place to be if you want to connect with other path forgers, other relentlessly creative and empowered professionals who want to make a dent.

You can also get personalized feedback or advice directly from the Career Hackers team.

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Want 6,000 content marketers instantly in your network? Head to Superpath. Learn from and exchange value with excellent professionals. Plus, new jobs shared on the reg.

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Career Karma

Ready to learn? Dive into Career Karma. gives you the information, tools, and support you need to quickly get into a tech career, plus an active community to help answer your questions.

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Tech Workers Club

Tech is a massive industry with millions of people. But it also gets intimidating sometimes.

That's where Tech Workers Club comes in - a community full of people working in tech, passionate about development and creating a better world.

Join Tech Workers Club - an invite-only slack community with 15,000+ tech workers and help one another land better jobs.

Women Who Code

A global community of women in tech that offers networking opportunities, mentorship, and skill-building events.

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, Women Who Code has something for everyone.

Women Who Code Career Hackers


Meetup is a platform for finding and building local communities.

Whether you're interested in tech, art, sports, or any other topic, Meetup makes it easy to connect with people who share your interests.

Meetup Career Hackers

Designer Hangout

If you're an established design pro, you need to hang in the Designer Hangout.

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Your go-to community for support and collaboration with remote professionals, plus access to sweet job announcements.

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Stack Overflow

With a vast database of questions and answers, Stack Overflow is the perfect place to find solutions to your programming problems and connect with other developers!

Stack Overflow Career Hackers

Landing Jobs

Landing.Jobs showcases jobs from all over the world. Get in their Slack so you can be part of the magic.

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With a podcast, events, and a thriving community, CodeNewbie is the perfect place to get started on your coding journey.

CodeNewbie Career Hackers


Looking to break into (or move up in) the marketing world? Well, go surround yourself with great marketers.

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(Pro tip: start a podcast about marketing and invite some peeps on so you can build a network).

AI Ethics Lab

Interested in the ethical implications of artificial intelligence? Join the AI Ethics Lab, a nonprofit organization that promotes ethical and responsible development of AI technology.

With events, workshops, and resources, the AI Ethics Lab is the perfect place to learn about and discuss the complex ethical issues surrounding AI.

AI Ethics Lab Career Hackers

Career Commons TealHQ

We're already linked to the TealHQ job hunt manager on the Tools page. Now, you can feel even more supported by gaining career wisdom in the Career Commons.

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UX Careers

Talk about niche. The UX Mastery website is a powerhouse of insights and inspiration, including the chance to connect, collaborate in their Slack community.

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TLDR Marketing

Are you looking to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends and strategies

TLDR marketing is a newsletter that provides summaries of the latest marketing news and insights in a concise and easy-to-digest format. It covers a wide range of topics, from digital marketing and social media to branding and PR. Not just that, the articles provide valuable insights and actionable tips that can be applied to your own marketing efforts.

Whether you're a marketer just starting out or a seasoned professional, "TLDR Marketing" is definitely worth checking out.

Get daily dose of marketing news in quick TL;DR style.

The Commons

If you're looking for a supportive community of career-minded professionals, check out!

This online platform offers networking opportunities, skill-building resources, and a wealth of insights and perspectives that can help you stay informed and inspired as you pursue your goals.

Start learning with today and start building your professional network!

Product Hunt Community

Learn and engage with on of the best product communities. Geek out on new products, innovations and tech creations. Get feedback, talk about a new idea, and grow in your product career!

Learn and engage with the community here!

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