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UX Academy from Designlab

Are you ready to enter the world of UX/UI design? 

UX/UI design is a growing, in-demand field where you can pursue a creative career and earn a lucrative income—all while making an impact on the products and world around you.

Designlab is the Place to Launch a Design Career


Join the industry-leading UX Academy from Designlab to get the skills and support you need to take your career to the next level.


UX Academy offers more

You’ll get one-on-one mentorship to help take your education to the next level and get hired.

With flexible hours and proven results, Designlab offers a learning path to help you reach your new career goals:

  • Fully online, asynchronous learning experience
  • No design experience needed—Designlab offers a prerequisite course to help you gain foundational design skills to prep for UX Academy
  • You can get started with the UX Academy Foundations course at just 10 hours a week for 8 weeks
  • 1765 graduates hired
  • You can book a call with admissions to answer any questions you have
Recent Hires from UX Academy

Debbie S. was hired as a

UX Researcher

At Lululemon

Madeleine O. was hired as a 

UX Designer

At Massachusetts EOTSS

Sofiia S. was hired as a 

UX Designer

At Critical Mass
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How to Change Careers and Break into a UX/UI Role

How to Change Careers and Break into a UX/UI Role

Feeling that pull to pursue a creatively fulfilling career? Attracted to the idea of becoming a UX/UI designer, building and designing the experience and interface of website and web apps? You can. You can change careers. Hard action daily compounds to fuel results...

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