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It’s time to start your UX/UI career with Avocademy.

Learning high-demanded skills like UX Design doesn’t have to break the bank.

You can learn UX/UI from industry professionals in just 8 weeks of training, unlimited mentoring, with working on building your portfolio and all this at an affordable package.



Get flexible and remote jobs with high income.


Sounds too good to be true?

But it is. Not just that, but Avocademy grads are also placed at great companies like IBM, Morgan Stanley, Deloitte, Dell, Delta, GM, and more.


No experience necessary- learn all you need in the introductory course.

Start your affordable and flexible bootcamp today.

Of all bootcamps, why choose Avocademy? You’ll get unique benefits:

  • 8-16 week hands-on program
  • Unlimited one-on-one mentoring
  • Portfolio building opportunities 
  • Affordability
Success Stories

I would highly recommend Avocademy to anyone interested in becoming a designer and I feel so incredibly grateful and happy that I found Avocademy.

Ryan Russell

UIX Designer at GM

Avocademy is a UX/UI course that teaches you the foundations and helps you start your career

Morgan Hunter

UX Designer II at Expedia

Avocademy made you feel like you aren’t just a number. Maca and the mentors truly cared about your journey and growth

Crystal Talley

UX/UI Designer at Johnson&Johnson
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How to Change Careers and Break into a UX/UI Role

How to Change Careers and Break into a UX/UI Role

Feeling that pull to pursue a creatively fulfilling career? Attracted to the idea of becoming a UX/UI designer, building and designing the experience and interface of website and web apps? You can. You can change careers. Hard action daily compounds to fuel results...

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