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The Daily Job Hunt

Mindsets for Success

Expand your Comfort Zone

Instead of thinking of leaving your comfort zone, what if you expanded your comfort zone?

Do something that scares you today. Once you get through the scary thing, you’ll realize it wasn’t that bad.

Then your comfort zone will be bigger.

Keep Going

The secret to keep going is to act every single day. This is known as Non-Zero Days.

1% progress in a day is 3700% progress in a year.

You got this.

Quote of the Week

“Slow, steady progress is better than daily excuses.”
— Robin Sharma

Attention is Gold

People say time is the most valuable resource, but I disagree.

Attention is.

In today’s digital economy, you are faced with many daily decisions about how to focus (or not focus) your mind.

It’s not just about getting distracted though, it’s about being aware of the possibilities and potentialities of where you could place your focus.

With the world wide web, you COULD invest in high-leverage actions, e.g.

– Make progress on a course 10 minutes a day
– Look up key employees/decision makers at companies
– Look up videos teaching you about SEO
– Find the best niche job boards
Look up companies on Crunchbase
– Write blog posts
– Build a Talent Profile on Notion

If you find these to be valuable, why are you not doing them? Why are you watching re-runs of South Park every night instead?

There is nothing wrong with watching TV per se, but are you conscious? Because with so many places to put your attention – opportunity cost quickly becomes high.

Choose to invest your attention to benefit your future.

Maybe value your time like silver, and your attention like gold.

Will you?

and the DJH team.