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Comfort Zone

Instead of thinking of leaving your comfort zone, what if you expanded your comfort zone?

Do something that scares you today.

Maybe you send a video pitch instead of a resume.
Maybe you cold-email a guest for a podcast.
Or, you even quit your job.

Once you get through the scary thing, you’ll realize it wasn’t that bad.

Then your comfort zone will be bigger.

Learn with Skillshare

What’s that thing you’ve been meaning to learn, “someday”?

Maybe that day has arrived.

Just build momentum and start! Skillshare is a great place for that….for real.

It WILL help your career, esp. if you show your work by learning out loud.

For example, let’s say you took a course on How to Deal With Angry Customers.

You could then write a quick blog or Medium post about what you learned from the course.

Then, when you pitch a customer service role, you can email the hiring manager with a link to that post.

It’ll convey your growth mindset, your writing skills, and that you go above and beyond!

If you do this, you’ll be in the top 1% of job seekers. So commit to a few minutes a day learning that skill!

We’ve officially partnered with Skillshare because they align with our mission. You can start free for 1 month.

Or, act today, and get 30% off membership with coupon annual30aff.

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Hobbies (can help build your brand too)

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Quote of the Day

“If you really want to know where your destiny lies, look at where you apply your time.”

— Mark Cuban