Step 8: Be The CEO Of Me, Inc.

Step eight requires you to become the CEO of Me, Inc.

At Career Hackers, we empower individuals to take control of their careers and unleash their true potential.

Develop marketable skills and excel in your chosen field while proudly displaying it.

Take charge of your work and yourself, and unlock new opportunities.

It’s time to showcase your talents and land the job you’ve always dreamed of.

Join us and be the CEO of your own success story.

Top Courses To Help You Take Charge Of You

It’s time to be the CEO of Me Inc. AKA, your own biggest fan and representative.

At Career Hackers, we have joined forces with the finest online education centers worldwide, granting you access to some of the best resources you can find.

It’s time to take charge of your work and yourself. Flaunt it proudly!


With,  you can market yourself (with the help of experts) and apply for jobs with the help of special tools. Take charge and apply for the roles you want!


DataCamp offers a free ChatGPT course (among other awesome data and AI courses) so you can be the CEO of You and build more marketable skills.

UP TO 55% OFF!

Always wanted to learn a new language? Babbel has got you covered. Even better: Multilingual job seekers always stand out from the job pool.

Tips and Tricks To Hacking Your Career
More Helpful Guides & Resources

To land the next position, you'll need to prepare.

Our guide will help you take charge of your accomplishments and get ready to pitch yourself in one of the most important settings: The Job Interview. 

If you're on the job hunt, this is a great tool.

Teal Job Search Tracker is your go to for being the boss of your job hunt. You can track, manage, and follow up all in one place. 

On your job hunt, you need to know what you'll make.

PayScale’s Salary Calculator is a great place to start in your research. With all the other corners of your career you’ll look up, this is an important one to tackle.