Step 5: Be Your Own Credential

Step five is setting the gatekeepers aside and being your own credential.

At Career Hackers, we believe in the power of self-promotion. You don’t need anyone else’s stamp of approval to start a great career.

Burn your resume and let your true potential shine.

Market yourself, showcase your skills, and unlock endless opportunities.

It’s time to take control of your professional journey. Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities.

Top Courses & Tools To Build your Skill Set

Cast the gatekeepers aside and take charge of your story.

At Career Hackers, we have joined forces with the finest online education centers worldwide, granting you unparalleled access to acquire only the skills you want and leave behind the filler courses that a traditional education gives you.

Take advantage of these resources and be your own credential.


With Coursera, you can build the skills you need, without prior experience, while working a full time job. 


With GetSmarter, you can take top college courses, without going to college. You can learn only the skills you want and need for your career ventures!


If you’re taking courses to expand your skill set, you might need some help. Chegg offers help with writing, exam prep, and homework. Do your best work!

Tips and Tricks To Hacking Your Career
More Helpful Resources

Ditch the gatekeepers, listen to this podcast.

Hosted by Mitchell Earl and Ljupco Sojanovski Jr., they discuss the decision to drop out of college, an action that is usually taboo.

Are you looking for a new career?

With DesignLab’s UX Academy, you could be applying for your first role as a UX/UI designer in as little as 6-8 months.

Read Crash Your Career

In this book by Isaac Morehouse, you’ll learn that you can leave behind the gatekeepers of the past and be your own gatekeeper.