Maybe you’re itching for something.

It could be the excitement of a role at a startup, rolling out a new, innovative product.

Perhaps you’re want a sense of autonomy in your career, to see your pay directly tied to the results you bring, not just the time you put in.

Maybe you want to finally break into a remote role, giving you freedom and flexibility to work at home.

Or, maybe the cause of your itch isn’t fully clear, but you know you ultimately, with your one shot at life, you want to discover and do what makes you come alive. And you know – in some way – it’s time to act.

Is it time to start a career in tech? Tech sales could be your entry point.

Tech sales has no prerequisites, and it holds the promise for a higher salary and more flexibility, in many growing industries. It can definitely help you build the skills and mindsets to take you on an upward career trajectory.

Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp is ready to take you there.

But let’s dive deeper.

Can You Start a Sales Career with No Experience?

Short answer: yes, 100%.

In fact, it’s the perfect role to start in when you have no experience. Because what matters isn’t a perfect list of bullet points of things you have done, it’s your willingness to show up, learn, and grow. Jonathan Gregg — a consultant for Springboard who is also Head of Global Outbound BDR for ElectroNeek — is passionate about tech sales. He says it only takes a 3 month bootcamp, 15 hours a week, and a few thousand dollar investment, and you can make a $75,000 annual income.

“Most people think of a car salesman – some kind of fast-talking, slick-talking person,” says Gregg. “Tech sales is not like that at all. It’s much more listening and telling the prospect how the product solves their problem….The biggest challenge going in is just following the process.”

Basically, sales will ask of you some skills like consistency (making 50+ calls a day), persistence, listening, empathy, and communication. You will hear “no” over and over. But as long as you don’t take that personally, you’ll just see that “no” as taking you one step closer to “yes.”

And with an entry-level Sales Development Representative (SDR) role, there’s rarely any pressure to close the sale. You’re just looking to “pass off” to the Account Executive (AE), and set up that call.

As long as you keep showing up, you have a great chance to succeed.

And Gregg is quick to point out that within just a couple years in an SDR/BDR role, you could be onto an AE role, making $200,000 or more with no degree or other prerequisites!

“You start off at $75K ish [as an SDR].. In 2-3 years, if you’re good, you’re onto an AE [Account Executive] role, and you’re making $200,000. Three years in you could be making a quarter million with no student loan debt. A doctor doesn’t make that after 12 years of school. It’s an insanely good opportunity.”

— Jonathan Gregg, Head of Outbound BDR at ElectroNeek, and sales consultant for Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp

So, do you need a certain background to be “qualified” to launch a tech sales career?

No, you just need an attitude.

It’s all between the ears!

(See more in the Career Hackers Guide to Sales).



Furthermore, you have more skills than you may realize. Any so-called “basic” job, like retail, a front desk job at a gym, or waiting tables, can springboard you (pun intended) to start a tech sales career. Those jobs have given you experience with customers, specifically listening and persuasion.

For instance, if you’ve worked as a waiter/waitress, a customer may have asked you for your opinion on the lasagna vs. the chicken parm. You then asked them questions about what mood they are in, if they like spicy food, etc. You then gave your “pitch” for a certain menu item, helping them find a “solution” (tasty meal) that works for that customer.

That’s sales. That’s a valuable skill.

And in job interviews, you can tell stories about these experiences to help land the job.

So again, you’re qualified for tech sales, if you choose to be.

Apply now for the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp (takes 5 minutes). Enter code CAREERHACKERSSB to receive $500 off tuition.

OK I want to start a tech sales career. But why Springboard?

1) Human Interaction

The Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp will give you both self-guided training and live, interactive sessions with professional sales trainers.

In 15 hours a week, you’ll go through video trainings to teach you the ins and outs of a tech sales career, such as how to follow a sales process or how to set a frame on a prospect call. But as Gregg says, “the biggest thing that is a differentiator is students have 2-3 hour long conversation with instructors every single week…. In addition, a career coach meets with you 1-1. There is a lot of actual human interaction.”

2) Job Guarantee

With Springboard, you’ll also have the reassurance of a job guarantee. If you don’t land a role within 6 months after graduating, you’ll be refunded your tuition. What college or university can say that? ; )

(Since you’re a Career Hackers reader, though, you know that you can probably find a job within a few weeks (or days) by creating value up front with a pitch and/or project, and emailing the hiring manager directly).

3) Proven Track Record

While it’s true the tech sales bootcamp is new in 2022, Springboard’s career launch programs have a proven track record of high success. Over the past decade since their founding in 2013, nearly 10,000 students have gone through their programs. And, not only do 93% of bootcamp students receive a job offer within 1 year, but 44% of those individuals receive it prior to finishing the bootcamp.

Apply now for the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp (takes 5 minutes). Enter code CAREERHACKERSSB to receive $500 off tuition.

“I highly recommend Springboard’s program to beginners, especially for its large community, great courses, and mentorship.”
— Steve L.

Take Action and Start Your Sales Career

OK now, pause, and take a breath. What does your gut tell you? Is it time to take action and start your sales career?

You might have voices in your head giving you reasons why “it’s not the right time,” or similar objections.

Maybe it’s not the right time… or maybe it is. Only you know.

Only your gut knows.

Ready to take the leap?

Apply now to Springboard. (Use can use code CAREERHACKERSSB).

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

― Steve Jobs