Melissa Mutchler is someone who follows her interests.

But that hasn’t always meant following a linear path.

Since her mom was a registered dietician and her sister a nurse, she was encouraged to go into nursing and healthcare, but she realized it wasn’t really for her. She really respected the profession, but personally it was a bit overwhelming to take care of patients in that way.

“I loved the patients, but it was a lot of pressure,” she said.

So she course-corrected. And followed her interests some more.

“I really like the science part of things – so I went to become a clinical laboratory scientist.”

Melissa entered a job at the Mayo Clinic, working with science-y stuff, like bacteria labs.

But she wasn’t done.

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Moving into AI and Machine Learning

Melissa found herself drawn to AI, machine learning, and tech. She learned about Springboard and the chance to learn software engineering and apply that to the healthcare industry.

“I feel excited about how [software engineering] can make things easier for our patients…..[For example,] there was a patient who needed to get a procedure done and sign an electronic form, and so by them just using their pin ID they were able to sign in before the procedure, which made it faster for them, while they’re in pain.”

So, on the side from her full-time job Melissa started the Foundations to Core course from Springboard, so she could begin to learn to code.

To kick the course off, she took the little technical quiz to see what she knew, which was hard. “… took me such a long time. I thought, ‘man, I don’t know anything.'”

But then she took the first intro module, and re-took the same quiz. The second time around was way easier. “I was like, I can actually learn this stuff!”

She found the course itself is quite engaging, with inspiring quotes along the way, which Melissa especially loved. She also relied on the support of the Springboard Slack community, where she could DM with people who were further along in the course, and gain tips and encouragement.

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How Can You Follow Your Interests?

Right now, Melissa is a little over halfway through her Springboard coursework. By investing in herself she is opening up options for not only a huge career trajectory but major career satisfaction.

All because she’s had the audacity to follow her interests.

Why not you?

Melissa’s parting advice to you, our dear reader? She says you don’t need to be worried about how much knowledge you have starting off. Quit comparing yourself to others.

Just “always have a mindset of learning, Better yourself.”

So if learning to code tickles your fancy, we encourage you to take a stab and better yourself.

With Springboard, you can also expect:

  • 1-1 industry mentor and career coach along the way, having you feeling connected and supported while you are going through your course, and up to the first day at your new job
  • 100% online and flexible schedule – complete at your own pace
  • $23,000 average increase in salary after completing program (see outcomes report)
  • Project-based curriculum. giving you evidence of your skills and value, which you can show directly to hiring managers.

Springboard’s Foundations to Core Course will take you from zero knowledge to fully-employed web-developer, in less than a year. Apply now. Use code CAREERHACKERSSB for $500 off.