Growing up on a reservation in New Mexico, Sandra Pruitt didn’t enjoy school, and teachers were annoyed by her.

Her parents divorced when she was 3, and she also bounced around in living with multiple foster families until finishing high school.

It wasn’t ideal.

By early adulthood, she found herself in an unhealthy marriage, and things started to go downhill.

She realized she needed to change. And it was books that may have saved her life.

She started reading self-improvement books. But at first it took a whole year to read 1 book. It was a new skill. “I was not a reader,” Sandra said. “I graduated [high school] more than likely because teachers wanted to get rid of me!”

“But I did get better at reading, and now I’m always reading, always always.”

Through books, she started building an empowered mindset to pull herself up. She resolved to surround herself with new people.

However, she was still bouncing around jobs, as a waiter, lift operator, dental assistant, corrections officer, and security at Walmart. And it was hard to find people to support her.

But eventually — through Jonathan Gregg — she learned of the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp. She not only began to see new opportunity in a sales career, but that her life and professional experience would be an asset.

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Leveraging Her Soft Skills to Launch a Sales Career

Right now, Sandra is going through her bootcamp experience, about to launch a brand new career in tech sales. But she’s not starting from scratch.

She’s aware of how her “odd jobs” directly primed her for success as an entry-level SDR (Sales Development Representative).

Namely, her jobs have taught her how to work with people.

As Head of Security at Walmart, she learned to build trust and respect with people, to persuade them to buy into a vision.

“After you’ve formed a level of trust with people, then when you ask them to do things for you, they are so much more willing to do [those things]. So, yeah, the biggest thing that was transferable from my previous job was communication.”

Isn’t that trust building helpful when making a cold-call as an SDR?

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Apply now to Springboard. Use code CAREERHACKERSSB for $500 off of tuition.

What Sandra is Learning in the Springboard Tech Sales Bootcamp

With a 15 hour/week time commitment (for 3 months), Sandra is diving into the Springboard Tech Sales curriculum with not only self-guided video trainings, but with weekly calls with professionals like Chad Vanags, SaaS Sales Trainer and VP of Sales for Revflow.

Sandra loves the in-depth dialogues. “[Chad] is so confident, easy going, and I don’t feel afraid to ask questions,” she says.

She is learning not just what to do as an SDR, but how to think clearly and bring value on a sales call.

For example, she’s learning that if she’s on a discovery call with a CEO for thirty minutes, that person’s time is maybe worth hundreds of dollars an hour. So, it’s on her as the salesperson to set a frame for the call, respect their time, be prepared, and maximize the value she brings.

From $30K to $70K – Is a Tech Sales Career for You?

Well, dear reader, how much do you relate to Sandra’s story?

Not the specifics, but the arc.

Think back to the adversity you’ve overcome in your life. When have you persevered and hoisted yourself up?

Because to start a tech sales career, it doesn’t really matter what your exact background is, in terms of job title or credential.

What matters is the determination to develop yourself and triumph over obstacles large and small.

And don’t undersell your so-called “menial” job. Stocking groceries, making sandwiches, greeting clients at a fitness studio, or even babysitting children have all contributed to your growth and skill development creating value and helping people.

Soon, Sandra could be making a solid $70,000 a year in her first tech sales role. The national total compensation for SDR roles is between $55K and $80K. This includes commissions, which many companies keep uncapped. (The base compensation range nationally is $39K-$65K).

If she hits that $70K mark, she would more than double her Walmart salary. Within 18 months, if she then advances to an Account Executive role, she could bring in $100K or $200K+.

All this after just 3 months enrolled in the Springboard Tech Sales bootcamp.

No bachelor’s degree. No prerequisites needed.

It just took Sandra’s choice to use her mind. To read that first book, to see her inner power, to open herself up to possibility and potential.

That choice is yours today, no matter your circumstances.

Will you make it?

Apply now to Springboard. Use code CAREERHACKERSSB for $500 off of tuition. And with their job guarantee, you’ll receive a full tuition refund if you don’t land a job within 6 months.