Maybe you aren’t mad enough.

Deep down, you hate your job. You hate the politics, the menial tasks, and the boring meetings. You crave purpose.

But you bury these feelings. And you suck it up.

You suck it up like you did when you were a kid, when you were forced to tolerate boring 8th grade algebra class.

Back then, you learned to deny your feelings. That’s actually understandable.

But you’re not a helpless kid anymore.

You are an empowered adult!

So…would you listen to your gut? Would you truly feel the frustration? Would you dial up the dissatisfaction?

And then do something about it?

Channel your anger to constructive action. Make a plan!

As Dr. Phil says, “the difference between dreams and goals is a plan.”

(You gotta listen to good ol’ Dr. Phil). ; )

So let’s go.

Make an exit plan. Maybe it’s time to quit your job. Now, or very soon.

But how to land a new one?

Start learning new skills. Start building projects. Start pitching companies. Start building connections.

I am certain you can do this. How do I know?

Because you are a human.

And humans are meant to learn, grow, and expand.

You literally can build new neural-pathways, infinitely.

Your brain is the equivalent to about 10,000 computers!

You are powerful.

So start believing in your potential.

Hurry up: your dreams are waiting for you, but they will not wait forever
— Paolo Coelho