Most people cling to their resume like a newborn clings to her mother.

It seems necessary for survival.

But it isn’t. The resume impedes both surviving and thriving.

Out of fear of rejection or not “fitting in,” we obey the conventional doctrines of how to get permission of a company to work for them.

We see the company as our parent or teacher who will tell us what to do.

Let go of all that! Don’t wait for permission.

Companies aren’t special humans who grant you the right to work “under” them. They are people like you!

Reinventing organizations – don’t wait for permission

In the work of Frederic Laloux, this command-and-control paradigm is known as an “Orange” stage of an organization. Employees fall in line to follow specific tasks assigned of them. This is disempowering and squelches autonomy and authenticity.

In contrast from Orange organizations, “Teal” organizations are built on self-management, shared purpose, and wholeness. Individuals are trusted, creative, and assertive in generating value for the company.

This is the holy grail.

“Traditional hierarchies and their plethora of built-in control systems are, at their core, formidable machines that breed fear and distrust.”

“When trust is extended, it breeds responsibility in return. Emulation and peer pressure regulates the system better than hierarchy ever could.”
— Frederick Laloux, Reinventing Organizations

A new way

Few companies have achieved Teal. But they all want it. Deep down, even the Orange companies don’t want to order their employees around. But they lack trust that things will get done.

One reason they lack trust? They see employees who are waiting for directions. The cycle of commanding bosses and obedient employees perpetuates.

So how can we transcend this paradigm? How can we move towards Teal and self-management?

One way is to create value, without permission.

Send a pitch. From the start, signal to a company that you don’t need to follow rules. You’ll be valuable – very valuable – without them. Prove that you’re trustworthy. Take charge.

Companies crave this.

So why not do it? Ditch the resume. Leave the cocoon and fly like the butterfly. Pioneer a new way to show up to work.

You’ll be happier, freer, and more fulfilled.