It was summer 2022, and Marlisa was about to start a career in teaching.

But she was dreading it.

She had been focused and preparing to enter the field, earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education, and gone through a student teaching experience.

But her gut told her to pause, and to pivot.

“I realized very early on that I wasn’t as passionate about teaching as I hoped to be, but I am someone who if I start something, then I finish it. So I got my bachelor’s, got my master’s in teaching, but there was always a voice in the back of my head that was saying ‘what if we try something else?'”

Because she also valued a growth mindset, she needed a new challenge.

Marlisa recognized that she had always enjoyed making basic websites via Wix, WordPress, and HTML, and chose to take the leap to the Coding Temple bootcamp to become a software engineer.

Within weeks, she had a brand new career.

“My parents were confused when I told them I was going to do something completely different….what ended up convincing me to just do it was hearing other people’s stories doing coding bootcamps, and seeing how much happier they were.”

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Marlisa’s Experience in the Coding Temple Bootcamp

Marlisa didn’t have any true coding experience, but by choosing the self-paced program from Coding Temple, she was able to build new skills, in a step-by-step manner. She found this really a effective way to learn.

At the same time, she needed to let go of any perfectionism, and focus on managing time and moving forward.

“I realized early on I couldn’t spend that much time on one single lesson,” she said.

And she realized that in training for her software engineering career, companies didn’t need her to be fully prepared, but rather able to learn.

What did the lessons look like?

For her self-paced program, Marlisa would watch videos from instructors explaining basic concepts like “What is Flask?” for each module.

On top of those videos, though, much of the lessons are “code-along” where you work on your own coding project as the instructor explains and demonstrates.

“A lot of the learning you do comes from creating your own projects,” she shared.

What Coding Temple Brings to the Table

Marisa felt so supported through the Coding Temple program, even though it was self-paced. She was able to connect consistently with her instructor, one of the many benefits of the bootcamp, which also boasts:

  • Average starting salary $77,500
  • 100% Job Guarantee
  • Alum hired at Salesforce, LinkedIn, Dell, Amazon
  • Small class sizes
  • Career support for life
  • Strong alumni network
  • 97% of grads land a job within 9 months of finishing the program.

As a program that’s reputable and established, consistently ranked as a Top Bootcamp by Career Karma and Course Report, you’ll be in good hands, especially as demand for tech jobs continues to grow.

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Landing the Job

Gaining skills is the first step, but to land a job also asks that you can prove your value.

That’s exactly what Marlisa did. She built a website and showed her portfolio of coding projects front and center!

She landed a job with just one application. She’s now a Web Developer at a big company.

“It actually ended up helping a lot because the job I got, that was one of the main things they looked at in my application, and they were very impressed by my portfolio.”

See, ladies and germs? It’s that simple. Create value, prove value.

Dive in to Coding Temple

Marlisa changed her life in a matter of weeks. She did it because she listened to her inner voice, made hard decisions, and invested in herself.

And this stuff isn’t too good to be true. 4-6 years spent in college is unnecessary. Outstanding programs like Coding Temple are the future of work, skills training, and career launch.

Well, not just the future. The NOW.

Will you wait on the sidelines, letting time go by….or will you take action and transform your life?

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