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I Almost Died

When I was 18, I I almost died in the Black Sea.

A few of us got stranded in a paddle boat.

It all started fun and dandy, but then we drifted off the shore. And we couldn’t paddle back no matter how hard we tried.

Then, a storm was coming. And it seemed all the other boats were heading back to shore.

We started to freak out a bit.

But…. after almost an hour, we got help.

A Bulgarian dude in a motorboat saw us. He pulled us back to shore, and we all kissed the sand in grateful relief.

What’s the point?

We got lucky.

Really lucky, because someone saved as a one-off thing.

That’s not normal life.

Is someone going to save you in your career, your relationships, your health?

No, it’s on you.

Don’t wait for the dude in the motorboat.

Take charge.

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