Are you looking to break into a new career? AngelList can help.

AngelList was founded by tech entrepreneur and investor Naval Ravikant. It has become the world’s # 1 startup community where entrepreneurs can seek funding and hire talented job seekers.

They allow job seekers to create a profile, filter companies by interest, and connect directly with founders. They feature unique jobs at startups and tech companies you can’t find anywhere else.

AngelList makes it easy to create a beautiful profile that highlights your skills. You can easily apply for jobs without having to go through the mind-numbing process of entering the same data for every company you are interested in.

At AngelList, you can search for jobs at startups actively looking to hire. Startups post jobs in just about everything, including digital marketing, sales, e-commerce, and software engineering.

Startups are looking for people who take the initiative and think outside the box. You’ll be able to get experience in multiple roles while working in a fast-paced environment.

Check out the video below, which shows you how to get started with your AngelList profile.

How to Get Noticed on AngelList

Don’t just set up your profile and start applying to jobs.

Be a sniper.

Instead of using the shotgun approach – blasting every company with your resume – select a handful of companies you are interested in working at and set them in your crosshairs.

Click apply, but don’t stop there! After you click “apply”, you can send a note to the hiring manager. Follow up by sending a link to a compelling video pitch.

To get an idea of what makes a great video pitch, check out the video pitch I sent to the founder of Career Hackers, Isaac Morehouse.

In addition to contacting the hiring manager on AngelList, use, or ContactOut to find the email addresses of the person who posted the job. AngelList tells you the person who posted the job after you click “apply”. Send them an email with a link to your pitch.

If you’re having a tough time finding the hiring manager, read more about how to find them in this post.

Take a look below at how T Antonio got a job using this approach:

Crafting Your Pitch

Show Your Enthusiasm

Don’t start your pitch by telling the startup how great you are. Instead, begin by telling them what you love about their mission. But don’t overdo it! Be honest. What caught your attention about the company?

Then, explain how you can provide value. Keep it simple. Aim to get your point across in 1-2 minutes.

Take a look at this video pitch by Joel Bein as an example.

Take Initiative

Show, don’t tell. Prove that you can do the thing you are applying to do.

Here are some examples:

  • Use Loom to do a screen share of you using a spreadsheet to analyze data.
  • Set up a three-sequence email drip campaign.
  • Create a landing page with compelling copy to capture customer information.
  • Design graphics for their social media accounts.
  • Create a one-page lead magnet.
  • Create a mock-up redesign of their homepage.
  • Showcase a project you’ve completed.
  • Record a mock sales call.
  • Write a blog post for their website.

Follow Up

Startup founders are busy. Follow up multiple times. Slide into their DMs. Ping them on LinkedIn, Twitter, and by email.

Put Yourself in the Founder’s Shoes

What would you think about your pitch if you were the founder? Of course, you’d want to hire someone as excited about your mission as you were. The secret to selling yourself is to understand the other party’s needs. So first, seek to understand the needs of the startup. Then, explain how you can add value.

For an idea of what startups are looking for, see the video below of how one marketing agency hires new employees.


To get a job you love on AngelList, use this formula:

  1. Be a sniper – select a few companies you love.
  2. Apply, then send your pitch.
  3. Show them, don’t tell them –  prove your worth by doing some free work.
  4. Follow up.