It’s not that hard to switch to a tech career.

Really, you just need to

  • learn the basics of a hard skill (pretty important)
  • sell yourself on your soft skills (most important!)

This is great news for all you good people who may be working construction, working retail, taking hamburger orders, driving school busses, or even raising kids at home.

Any role you have has helped you build soft skills (like work ethic, consistency, and people skills), which is the foundation for how to switch to a tech career!

Companies crave someone who is willing to show up, learn, and grow. (You just need to pitch your way in).

Building the Hard Skill to Switch to a Tech Career

And yes, you need a basic level of hard skills to create value at an entry-level tech role, be it something like marketing, customer success, software engineering, or design.

Real quick, let’s spotlight UX/UI design, e.g. an exciting career designing web apps (see more about UX/UI design here).

To switch to a tech career in UX/UI, do you need to be 100% prepared in order to land the first job?

No! You just need to be prepared enough.

That’s where a short program like Avocademy can help you kindle your creative fire.

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How to Switch to a Tech Career in UX/UI

If you’re at all curious to learn (which is how you were born!), then you are able to switch to a tech career in UX/UI.

After diving into their short Foundations course, you’ll be ready for the Career Jumpstart program.

The program includes:

  • Design real client projects (2) & collaborate with other students
  • Continued portfolio feedback
  • Direct referrals to recruiters and hiring managers
  • Job guarantee
  • Interview prep

Will you be “done” learning UX/UI after you finish with Avocademy?

Of course not!

But you’ll have a solid start. Combined with the soft skills you’ve already picked up with any previous jobs or activities, you’ll be on to an amazing career (without college debt, or spending years going to school).

Learn more and see if UX/UI design is for you.

“I chose to enroll in [Avocademy] because I was really unmotivated and couldn’t find a job despite applying for a couple months. Now, I’m really glad I made that decision! Her course is pretty affordable compared to other bootcamps, and she helped me realize that I definitely had the skills to become a UX designer, I just needed to present it better.”

— Kathy