Want to build your network, but you keep putting it off?

Looking to nail the interview, but then you get nervous?

Thinking of shooting that video pitch, but you feel unsure?

The root cause is probably fear.

Most of the advice out there says to “conquer fear” or “beat fear” or “destroy fear.” But maybe it’s time to build a new relationship with it.

Get pumped and learn the mindsets needed to reframe, relearn, and feel empowered to take massive action.

Join the Career Hackers live workshop, How to Handle Fear (on the job hunt), with me (Joel Bein, CEO at Career Hackers), Thursday, Dec. 1 at 4:00 EST.

The Career Hackers Revolution

Career hacking is about the relentless pursuit of discovering and doing what makes you come alive. Here are the core principles in the Career Hackers Manifesto.