Corné Van Straten shares how not to get a sales job, and the right way to achieve it!

Imagine you’re the head of sales at some medium-sized company, and you’re trying to land a new, $50k client. How would you go about doing this?

Would you send an email to saying

“Dear sir or madam, I’d like you to buy my product. One pager attached.”

and then attach an all-text pdf with product specifications?


Does that, in fact, sound like a ridiculous approach that you would be embarrassed to even consider?


Now remember that, if you’re job hunting, you are You inc. and you are trying to sell a $50k/year product (or however much you’re looking to make).

So you should probably find a better way to sell yourself than sending a “dear sir/madam”-letter and attaching a resume—especially when you’re trying to win a job in sales!

Instead, prospect like you would as a stellar sales person.

  • Research the company thoroughly.
  • Reach out to the decision makers personally and build some rapport.
  • Pitch them on buying from you by showing the specific value you can create for them.
  • Show some of your previous work as proof.
  • Maybe even offer a free trial.

How to Get a Sales Job

So no matter the role you want, your mindset needs to be a sales mindset.

If you’re serious about getting that job you want, burn your resume.

Here’s how (and why) to create an amazing pitch instead!

And, here’s a detailed guide for starting and excelling in your career in Sales: