What is resilience?

Let’s ask Google!

  1. the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.
  2. the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

Good stuff, huh.

In 2023, this trait is as valuable as ever. Why’s that? Well, let’s take a second to acknowledge the difficulties you may be experiencing in the modern world, such as:

  • feeling worn down with day-to-day efforts to pay bills
  • feeling tired from not getting enough sleep
  • stressed about world and political issues
  • taxed from managing a thousand text messages and emails
  • exhausted from doing a job that’s unfulfilling

Even if these are “first-world problems,” they are real and common! And your feelings are valid.

The key is how you will respond to them.

Build Resilience and Choose Your Attitude

It’s key to acknowledge any negative feelings you have, and accept them as facts in your current reality.

But acceptance doesn’t mean resigning yourself. It just means being honest. From there, you can empower yourself to take responsibility (response-ability), work in your sphere of control, and build your future.

Maybe for your career, that looks like an attitude of:

“Man I’m so fed up with these bills, I’m going to empower myself to double my salary.”

Or, “I’m so discouraged by the world’s problems right now. I’m going to turn off the news in the morning, and instead focus on learning new skills and building projects, to move my life forward.”

That’s resilience. Choosing to withstand adversities while doing something about them.

Empower Yourself with Springboard

Life is short, so you can choose to become the type of person who is resilient, or you can choose to let circumstances get to you.

What will you choose?

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From Frustrated Teacher to Re-Energized Coding Student

We’ll leave you with a quote from Danielle, who was frustrated in her teaching career, but resiliently chose to shift in a new career direction.

“Prior to enrolling in Springboard’s Foundations to Core Software Engineering program, I had been an early childhood and parent educator for over 18 years. Although I have enjoyed my time in the classroom, the field of teaching has been changing rapidly, and then when the pandemic hit, it brought many unforeseen challenges and frustrations. By the end of the 2021-2022 school year, I was feeling exhausted and unappreciated (not to mention underpaid), and knew that I needed a change…..That’s when I began exploring how I could make the transition from teaching to tech. I have always loved puzzles and problem-solving, so I thought I would look into software development and coding.”

“[Once I started the Foundations Course], the very best part was that I was matched with a wonderful mentor the week before the course began. I meet with Sonia Rose Karungi weekly via Zoom, and she has been so encouraging and supportive that I am able to make it through the toughest parts of the material. After I finished the Foundations course and passed the Technical Skills Assessment, I knew I wanted to join the next Software Engineering Career Track cohort and since then I haven’t looked back!  I’m not gonna lie, the course is HARD, but by moving at my own pace and utilizing the many resources provided, I am making consistent progress and I am thrilled with the new path I am on towards a career in tech!”

— Danielle Regan Arnett, Foundations to Core Student