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Mindsets for Success

Stay Alert

Don’t drift. Stay alert on your aim.

You have no limitations, except those voices in your head that try to convince you otherwise. It’s okay to ignore them.

Feel the Fear

Stop trying to “conquer” your fear. Just allow it to be there. Then go do the thing.

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Quote of the Week

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

― Napoleon Hill

How To Be Kind To Yourself

Adult problems are usually youth problems left unresolved.

So at times you may feel insecure, fearful, or worried about your career, the next job interview, what your wife is going to think of you, or if you’re “good enough” to accomplish your dreams.

These feelings are likely signals that you have a part of you — rooted from childhood — that could use some attention, nurturing, or empathy.

I’m not trying to psychologize you through an email newsletter, but just inviting you to be kinder and more compassionate to yourself.

I’m inviting you to be your own best friend, rather than get stuck in a loop of inner criticizing in order to try to make progress.

So these unwanted feelings come up, it’s an opportunity to “re-parent” yourself and become curious about what needs those parts of you have.

All of this is key to emotional intelligence, a soft skill that companies value and that is key to navigating a professional landscape.

It’s simply not talked about very often, probably out of fear of not “being professional” or something.

But the truth is we’re all human and we all struggle sometimes. So there’s no reason to deny it, and try to be a superhero without flaws!

Rather, consider tuning in to what’s coming up for you, what’s really alive in you.

In these times especially, when the future is less predictable than ever, it’s on you to feel grounded and stable.

That foundation will make you anti-fragile and resilient, so you can empower yourself to create a life and that fulfills you.

And this foundation will not only empower your own life, but it may rub off and inspire others.

Why not give it a shot?

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