To learn to play tennis well, wouldn’t you want to watch the great tennis players?

Yeah, of course. Learn from the best! Steal without apology!

Same with job searching, yeah?

Find the people who know what they’re talking about, and learn from them. Hey I guess you’re doing that by reading the Career Hackers website. Gee, thanks! 😉

But while we might have our own strengths, let’s spotlight the great Madeline Mann, who has an abundance of experience HR, hiring and interviewing people.

She’s seen it all!

She knows the do’s and don’ts.

Create Create Create

PLUS, Madeline is a bad-ass when it comes to building a brand!

Whether it’s her YouTube, her TikTok, or LinkedIn, she is getting after it with creating content.

She exemplifies the fact that creativity begets creativity.

What are YOU creating online, to signal who you are? What if YOU started a TikTok or Youtube channel to share YOUR knowledge (in any area!). That will prove your soft skills like creativity, consistency, communication, and more.

Employers WILL look you up online….see Madeline’s take on that.

companies WILL look you up!

Sharpen the Axe for Your Next Interview

Look, you have an interview upcoming? What if you binged watched Madeline’s content to get you in ship shape?


Sharpen your axe so you can cut down the interview tree, in one swift chop. ; )

Madeline has specific tips on almost every interview question out there, like
Tell Me About Yourself
What Are Your Weaknesses?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Why do you want this job?

And finally… her Secrets to Crush the Interview talk from our Oct. 2022 Supercharge Your Career event!