Join in at a Career Hackers' event and meet thought leaders, engage in conversations, feel energized and empowered in taking control and making your career (and job hunt) bulletproof!

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TK Kuegler has been a part of financing, advising, or owning over 300 companies. His journey has allowed him to employ over 10,000 people in the last 30 years. After 30 years, he continues to enjoy meeting with people and helping them chase their dreams.

In this webinar, TK is here to help you shift your mindset and chase your dreams. In 15 minutes, you'll learn how to identify your dreams, what impacts them, and how to start on the path to your dream job.

Previous Events

Supercharge Your Career in a Sh*t Economy

Top thought leaders and industry experts speak at a 2-day event, Oct 19-20.
Leaders like Derek Sivers, Kerri Twigg, Madeline Mann, Austin Allred, Taylor Pearson, Lindsay Mustain, and more, share their expertise to the Career Hackers' audience for free!

Watch all the recordings in the playlist below👇🏼

How to Handle Fear (on the job hunt)

Be it building your network, nailing your interview, shooting a video pitch, you stop yourself because of the root problem: fear.

Time to overcome that.
Joel Bein, CEO @CareerHackers hosted our first workshop on  Dec 1, 2022.

How to Make a Video Pitch (and land 10x more interviews)

Sick of sending resumes? Tired of never hearing back, or getting ghosted?
It’s time for a new approach to job hunting.

Enter the video pitch, where you can cut through the noise and 10x your interview rate, really (we’ve seen it with thousands of job seekers).

At this Career Hackers live workshop, Joel spoke about the do’s and don'ts of how to make and send a video pitch, and get hired faster.

Supercharger Your Career - v2


The first supercharger event was a hit. Top thought leaders and industry experts shared their advice with the Career Hackers community. We hosted another value-packed career supercharger event, on Feb 9, 10 AM - 6:30 PM Eastern.

Some of the best coaches and experts like Ken Coleman, Gorick Ng, Julia Korn, and David Andriate, shared the secrets to advance in careers.

Whether starting out, switching careers, or looking for advancement in the current company - there was something for everyone!

In this workshop, people learnt:
- what companies and hiring managers really want
- how to cut through the noise in a crowded market
- what to do instead of apply on the job portal
- where and how to find the hiring manager
- how to land an interview in as little as 24 hours
- how to make and send a video pitch
- how to 10x-50x your interview rate
- the power of sending a custom project
- how to send follow up emails like a champion
- the mindset needed to feel empowered