Special Coaching Offer

Employee to Entrepreneur Coaching with

Dan Marzullo

Make your dream of being your own boss a reality.


In these custom group coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to make the leap.

As a Career Hackers Member, you get this special offer for $500 off!

Originally valued at $2,000, get this exclusive offer for only $1,495!

In this exclusive group coaching offer, you’ll meet with Dan over 60 days and explore the four pillars of making the leap:

1. Define your dream business

    • Discover your zone of genius

    • Clarify the impact you want to make

    • Create your purpose statement

2. Create your offer

    • Validate your offer with the Discovery Canvas

    • Define your target audience

    • Develop your package/pricing strategy

    • Craft your brand message

3. Go to Market

    • Develop a media plan

    • Identify inbound & outbound marketing channels

    • Nurture & convert leads

4. Make the sale

    • Understand the sales process

    • Lead effective sales calls

    • Streamline sales efforts with scripts & templates

    • Leverage technology and automation for sales and CRM

    • Follow up with leads

Hear What People Are Saying

“A friend of mine connected me with Dan shortly after I left corporate America to pursue my business full-time. He was exactly what I needed to get started. I was hesitant to start and had no idea what I was doing. He reviewed the LinkedIn sequence I had sitting in my drafts, gave actionable feedback, and helped me understand why he was suggesting changes. Super helpful, and a great guy to bounce marketing ideas off of!

Sheena Fronk, Founder of Wanderluster

“Dan was the solution to some of my big mistakes as a new entrepreneur. Trying to figure out entrepreneurship without a one on one mentor – my big mistake number 1. Trying to follow a mentor that isn’t trustworthy or doesnt know what he’s talking about – my big mistake number 2.

Dan has been both trustworthy and knows WTF he is talking about. He helps me know what actions to focus on my business and to help me refocus or get resilient when I get lost or disheartened. I know if I feel lost or down in my business that Dan will help me figure out how to get back on track with perspective and next actions.

Peter Himmelreich, Founder of Counselor Peter

“Dan is and continues to be my best resource for marketing and has become a great friend in the process of growing our businesses together. I sincerely appreciate his partnership and contributions he has made to the businesses. If you’re looking for inspiration, practical advice, or simply a fresh perspective, he has the unique ability to connect ideas with tactical strategy.

Gabe Kruse, Founder of Dark Digital