Job boards are a decent place to start your job hunt. You can browse a bit, see what’s out there, and get a few ideas. But if you only browse boards and click apply, you’re missing the real meat of the job hunt and creating undue stress.

Why stress? Because you can’t really learn whether you really love a role or company from most job postings. And because one-click applications almost NEVER get a response.

Instead, use job boards as part of your info gathering phase to help get the wheels turning on some companies and roles of interest. Then make a list of 5-10 companies that interest you, leave the job board, and go research them. Learn about their history, founders, team members, customers, vendors, products, and pain points.

Then pitch them!

If you’ve done the research, you’re sitting on insights way more valuable than the average applicant via a job board. So why would you want your app to get lost with theirs? Instead, build them a project, portfolio of work, or video pitch (better yet, use Crash to combine it all into one!). Find the right people and email it directly to them.

People end up mindlessly browsing boring job boards because they don’t know what else to do. Strip things down. Limit your search. The role of the job board is just to help you find some interesting companies to dig into. The real work (and the real fun!) begins off the job board.