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Mindset for Success

Connect The Dots. “You need a highly organized operations person. As an event planner, I increased ticket sales 30% through executing detailed plans monthly.” A good pitch is all about connecting your skills and accomplishments to the company’s mission. Connect the dots to make yourself the obvious choice.

Habits > Goals. You can’t lose 10lbs today. But you can do 10 push ups. So instead of setting (a.k.a. dreaming about) lofty goals, set up a system of small tasks that you can do every day, and focus on executing those. Daily progress is how you win.

Quote of the Week

“The point isn’t perfection, it’s completion.”
— Joel Bein

The Anti-News Newsletter

It’s kind of ironic how we refer to the Daily Job Hunt as a newsletter. Because when you think about what the news typically is, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of what you find in the DJH.

The news is about things like war, the economy, politics, the weather, and natural disasters. Big, overwhelming things, that you have absolutely no control over.

DJH is trying to get you to focus on the things you do have control over, and giving you the tools to actually improve your life and career.

The news is all about making you feel worried and anxious 24/7, so you keep watching.

DJH is about making you feel strong and empowered, so you can stop reading and start doing.

The news is about something happening somewhere, yesterday.

DJH is about you making things happen for yourself, today.

This is also why we keep DJH short and sweet. We don’t want you to keep scrolling and consuming endless feeds of content.

We’re trying to get you activated!

Really, if you only browse through these newsletters for 5 seconds a day and skip 90% of the content, that’s totally fine. No problem at all. As long as you find that spark that you need to get fired up, and get going.

So I hope this newsletter gave you what you needed to get your wheels turning for today, because this is where it ends.

Stop reading.
Start doing.


and the DJH team