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Mindsets for Success

Seize the Opportunity

You might be reading about layoffs, rescinded job offers, and hiring freezes. It might feel scary.

That makes sense. But it’s also an opportunity.

It’s a chance to make a company’s day. Blow their socks off with a value prop so good they can’t ignore you. Prove that no matter the economic climate, you are gonna be a linchpin who goes above and beyond.

Do It First

If you want to write blog posts for a company, do it for free without asking.

If you want to be a salesperson for a company, just start reaching out to prospects without permission.

Just start working, and ask for pay AFTER you’ve create value.

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How to Stand Out From 1000 Job Applicants

How long have you been hearing us cheerlead the pitching mindset?

Are you doubting it works?

Well, it worked for John, a DJH reader and IT professional who was looking for a better job. He wrote in recently:

Hello Joel,

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude for your awesome job-hunt advice!

I sent a video pitch to an exciting position with ~1,000 applicants. I’m only a few years into this career, so there was a 0% chance that I was the most technically qualified.

However, they told me that my video pitch—along with my GitHub profile—made me stick out. I landed the job and will be earning >2x than what I was at the start of the year.

I’ve been recommending your email list to everyone that’ll listen.

Thank you for your life-changing advice!”

So there you have it!

You could be like John. Why wait until you’re the “perfect” job candidate? (That doesn’t even exist, anyway).

Start pitching now, and cut through the noise.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

and the DJH team

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