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Mindsets for Success

Claim Your Agency

You can do whatever you want. “But, I have to do X because it’s my job.” Actually, you are choosing to do X to avoid losing your job!

Every. Action. Is. A. Choice.

Start a Podcast

When you start a podcast, it builds your body of work, your network, and your soft skills like curiosity and communication

But you don’t have to “become a podcaster.” Just commit to 5 episodes! Then put those 5 in a frame. Boom.

Links worth checking out

Quote of the Week

To begin, begin.”
— William Wordsworth

Being Generous is Selfish

A big false dichotomy in our culture is that of selfish vs. selfless.

Really, if you’re being “selfish” and not thinking about other people, you’re actually missing out!

You’re not being selfish enough.

The key is to think of others AND think of yourself.

For your career, think about how the most selfish thing to do is to give tons of value to a company.

Before landing the job, you could just start doing the job, without permission.

Work for free.

Say, “Hey look, I made this, just for you!.”

Give them a generous gift!

But…. is that a sacrifice on your part?


It builds massive social capital and probably lands you an interview.

Plus, it feels good to give gifts, doesn’t it?

Think bigger, create win-win.

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